For those who believe in the flat earth the edge is the end of everything where you can fall down in the darkness (or in a black hole or in a Truman show), for others it’s the guitar player of a famous Irish band. Anything it’s for you, my Edge is the canvas’ borders, where everytime I arrive the same question in my mind: should I paint over borders or put a wooden frame?
Today here people have planned to spend time outside on the beach or over the hills for a picnic, yesterday weather assumptions were super fine, but in the night a storm came and it’s still raining now (writing time 8:00pm IT UTC+2).

The new artwork is almost finished and ready to be minted on Rarible, it’s the marketplace that I’m liking more for now, of course I’m waiting a better time when the gas fees are cheaper. This new artwork will be in auction with a low, low price and a reserved one around 0.5 eth. Like every my NFT it will be published on my website together with the Verisart Certificate of Authenticity that you can download in PDF. So guys, I’m really excited and look forward to show you this new artwork, hope you’ll like. I’m not so talkative today, probably it’s too late to write or better drink a beer and keep on writing (drink responsibly). Ciaooo!!

Oil and Acrylic painter and analog photographer since childhood. Dark curtains to develop films, a kitchen full of canvases and no space to eat.